Animal-Free Alternatives for the Benefit!

Going cruelty-free isn't only about the food choices you make; it's also about the clothing you decide to wear as well. Clothing retailers are full of leather and wool products created from exploitation and cruelty to animals.

There are plenty of reasons people can be motivated to use less animal-based products. They may choose animal-free to improve their health. A well-structured plant-based diet provides more nutritional value, with fewer fats, less empty carbohydrates, and reduced levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol). 

Quite often, the choice to go animal-free is also borne of a desire to have less impact on the cruelty inflicted on animals in the 'care' of humans.

However, while choosing animal-free alternatives may be for purely personal reasons, the lifestyle choice can also have a global impact.

Choosing Animal-Free Can Help the Planet

The demand for natural or synthetic alternatives to animal-based products is growing. Manufacturers are always responsive to the needs of the market, and as a result, more clothing items created from animal-free products are finding their way to retailers.

Animal-Free Alternatives for the Benefit_vegan_tanktops_vegan_apparel_nudogen

Animal agriculture is the world's greatest contributor to not just land degradation, but also greenhouse gases. It's also a significant source of freshwater pollution and rainforest destruction.

Animal-free products, such as polyurethane are typically more sustainable and have less of an environmental impact on the earth and the atmosphere.

Dangerous Chemicals and Pollutants Used in Leather Production

Not only is animal farming degrading the planet, but the processes used in tanning are reliant on dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, mineral salts, finishes, and dyes.

Many of these products are known as carcinogens. Arsenic is commonly used in tanneries and has been associated with lung cancer in long-term tannery workers.

The pollutants produced from tanning are quite often irresponsibly dumped into the environment where they can cause havoc with the local ecology.

The farming of animals for food and the production of animal-based clothing hurts both the animals and the planet. Choose to go animal-free today to reduce your impact, and lessen the demand for these cruel, purely profit-driven practices.



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