Our Story

Nudogen at its core is a company that was founded upon a need to spark creativity and positive conversation among people through our original and messaged designs. With all of the media-generated negativity, we wanted to get back to positive basics that we believe all of humanity can get behind. As a company, our goal is to effectuate mindfulness and a positive change in the world we co-habit through our art designed to wear and share.

If you love animals or are thinking of going Vegan or cutting back on meat for health reasons, our Vegan Lover T-shirt could be a positive statement you want to share.  If you are concerned about the environment, love your pets, love music, love a particular holiday, want a cheerful T-shirt for your child (or yourself) to wear?-we have it or we are designing it. Creative and unique new designs are continually coming out that no one else has. You will love our designs and feel good while wearing and sharing them. You can make the world a better place by wearing a positive message with the change you want to see.

Co-Founders: Adam and Angela Kogan are serial entrepreneurs that started this business to leave a positive legacy on the world through fashion, art and design. With all of the negativity in the world, their goal was to bring people together for causes that are beneficial to mankind and the environment, and to spread happiness and joy for all generations to enjoy through wearing positive and playful messages.