Thinking of Going Vegan for Veganuary?

Thinking of going Vegan for Veganuary and beyond? Or does the idea of totally omitting meats, fish, dairy and even honey intimidate you? Regardless of your level of commitment to Veganism, our company here at Nudogen has your back covered-literally. We have fun and playful designs to wear and share your Vegan forward-thinking to show that you are a Vegan, are going in that direction, or are just cutting back on your meat consumption.

Get Awesome Vegan T-Shirts & Tank Tops wth Positive Messages

Our original designed unisex messaged T-shirts are made from quality 100% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton.  The fabric is lightweight and comfortable. Excellent for exercising, yoga, running, or just wearing for fun. T-shirts are available in a variety of unisex sizes for the short-sleeved shirts, and in Women's sizes for tank tops. We recommend ordering a size larger on all shirts due to possible shrinkage with 100% cotton.

We love all animals and all life and we don’t judge-your food your choice. We just want to promote at the very least, the reduction of meat consumption. We have an all-inclusive mantra with our designs and don’t want anyone to feel they can’t wear and enjoy our Vegan Lover product line unless they are a fully committed Vegan. Vegan forward-thinking whether you are a full-fledged Vegan or not is for everyone!

Our Vegan Lover product line also promotes the reduction of single-use plastic. We have top-of-the-line Elemental brand water/drink canteens with our Vegan designs that keep cold beverages cold for 24 hours and hot beverages hot for 12. They are BPA-free stainless steel with a stylish Bamboo cap and metal ring for ease of carrying on a backpack or purse.

Show Your Vegan Love this Veganuary with a Vegan Waterbottle

The wide-mouth bottle is made with double-walled technology preventing condensation from forming on the outside. This technology also greatly enhances the ability to hold the temperature of the liquid contained in the bottle.

The bottle is either powder coated with a layer of matte white color or a glossy gray finish. Another important feature is the slim profile of the bottle that allows it to fit elegantly in your car's cup holder, purse or backpack.

Going Vegan is not for everyone, especially if you have health-related vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, etc. However, there are steps everyone can take in the Vegan forward direction and still make a huge difference in animal welfare, climate change, and your own health. If you want to go in hardcore, by all means, go ahead and go for it! There is a ton of support out there, fabulous recipes; apps that will help you locate Vegan and Vegan-friendly food on the go and while you are traveling. #HappyCow is one of those apps we started using.

Veganuary is a clever play on words combining January with Vegan; it started in the United Kingdom back in 2014 by a British non-profit organization asking people to take the challenge to try going Vegan for January, much like going alcohol-free (dry) from January. This movement has gained momentum to where more than 250,000 people in the UK committed to it. Veganuary has also leapt over to our side of the pond now as well-the Golden Globes went Vegan for their menu for the first time this year!

Why Go Vegan This Veganuary?

All of us, of course, have noticed the fast food industry, as well as the higher-end restaurants, all having meat replacement burgers on their menus. The psychology behind Veganuary is that if a person can do something habitually for 30 days, they are more likely to continue it as the brain has had time to “rewire” the pleasure and pain pathways and form a new habit.

You may have some cravings for the first couple of weeks. If you are serious about sticking with it, we always recommend consulting a nutritionist as well so you can ensure you are getting the proper amount of Calcium, Vitamin D and B12.

Some interesting facts about Vegans and going Vegan:

  • Less chance of dying from cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and cancer
  • Conserves about 1100 gallons of water a day
  • Live an average of about 8 years longer
  • Each Vegan spares about 30 animals per year
  • Sparing of the animals (cutting the need for mass animal production for food) spares the food to feed them that could be used to feed hungry people in impoverished countries
  • Cutting the mass farming of animals also will help preserve the rainforests.
  • Save the oceans-some scientists predict the oceans will have no fish by 2045.
  • Less likely to have a stroke
  • Save about 45 lbs of grain per day
  • Cuts your carbon footprint approximately in half
  • When done properly, you are able to replace all the animal protein and vitamins with plant sources and supplements.
  • Basically, going Vegan or in that direction will help sustain life and the earth as we know it.

If you want to dip your toe in the water, that’s great too! Perhaps start with a #meatless Mondays, or only eat meat a couple of meals a week. If you love cheese (I completely understand) then perhaps looking into a more Vegetarian angle would work for you.

Vegetarians still eat dairy and they are still cutting back on animal cruelty and global warming-remember-every little bit helps. Perhaps you want to still eat fish and seafood? Well, being a Pescatarian could be a great option for you. There is no judging here, we just want you to open your mind to possibilities.

If you think back thousands of years (or even less than 100 years) there were no drive-through, fast food, preservative-enhanced, fake food products. People would hunt, gather and store their food sans fake preservatives. There were likely no 3 meals a day plus intermittent snacks. We were not made to eat the way we do.

We recommend taking your food choices a step further and appreciate and be grateful for your food and food choices. Remember, there are unfortunately always some people who do not have access to food choices or even food at all.

By making conscious and responsible choices in the advanced world, we can hopefully shine a light and start to provide more choices to the less advantaged. Remember, we are here to be caretakers of our planet and not just takers.

Show Your Vegan Love!


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