Will Covid-19 awaken people to going Plant Based?

With our world being held hostage to the “invisible virus” Covid-19 will this finally be the wake-up call needed for people to become healthier and focus on a plant-based lifestyle? Hopefully. The now infamous wet markets in China have been reported to be responsible for the last major 6 viral outbreaks/pandemics over the past decade.  Here in the US, the Covid-19 infection is causing the shutdown of some major meat packing plants.  It seems like a wake-up call is happening, perhaps a silver lining in all of this is awareness of the wasteful society as a world we have become over the past several decades?

Most of us grew up eating meat-I did. But we didn’t have meat at every meat…that would have been considered excessive. I grew up in a conservative household where you would eat what was given to you and turn the lights off when you leave a room if you were not coming back. It was considered bad form and wasteful to throw away food. Now, many people in the world have been literally fattening themselves and being super wasteful for decades. The obesity, diabetes and heart/health related conditions are through the roof and they have been constantly increasing. Why? -Because everyone seems to have forgotten about not being wasteful. In addition, they think they need to drive through anytime they have a craving to get a meat packed non-healthy meal.  Instant gratification equals marked increase of health problems. Guess what- you are not able to drive through a gym to get instantly healthy.

We never ate 3 meals with meat in a day when we were growing up. We may not even have a whole slab of meat for dinner-it was likely mixed in for smaller more conservative amounts. The meat industry has pushed us over the years to glamorize meat slabs as a sign of success. If you are doing well and making money you deserve a filet or big fat juicy steak. This perception of success and buying meat needs to become disassociated. Unfortunately, what this has led to (in addition with global soaring population) is more and more slaughterhouses and meat producing facilities. These facilities are simply inhumane. The animals know what is going on and it is agonizing. I recently saw a story on FaceBook where a pregnant cow was in a truck going to the slaughter house. She jumped out of the top and ran down the road where she was quickly rescued (forever, yeahJ) and delivered her calf 14 days later. The animals know what is going on….that alone is enough for me to think twice before eating that steak.

We are growing and slaughtering animals at an unfathomable rate-most people don’t realize it as they keep it out of the news. The news would rather report on frivolous political and the rich and famous goings on than items of significant importance. Every once in a while you hear something (as I did yesterday) that a farmer is going to euthanize an extremely large number of pigs because here in the US the supply chain is interrupted and he can’t move them to sell them. A couple of weeks ago we heard stories of dairy farmers having to obtain special permits so they could dump thousands of gallons of milk down the drain. Farmer’s vegetable and other food crops are rotting in the soil here in Florida because the cruise ships and schools are not there to buy their fruits and vegetables… a huge supply chain challenge with a global shutdown. This is all extremely wasteful, gluttonous and cruel.

To ponder on the virus issue even deeper as well as keeping things out of the news-let’s not forget about the mad cow disease aka wasting disease aka Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs). This is something I actually did my oral exams for my doctorate on back when I was getting my PhD in microbiology with a focus on studying retroviruses.  TSEs are infectious proteins found in nearly every mammalian species. Being an infectious protein, it is not killed by an autoclave (pressurized heat that is used to sterilize everything known to man to prevent infection), so if you cook meat that is infected and eat it, you are eating this live infectious protein.  It is heritable (passed on), and it may take years even decades to show up. Hunters in the western US have been reported to have this from eating infected Elk meat-with symptoms not showing up for years later. The symptoms display similar to Alzheimer’s. So you see, the more meat you consume, the higher the risk of getting exposure to something nefarious. Not to mention all of the unhealthy practices, antibiotics and other unknown items the farmers use to make the animals artificially bigger. 

I am not saying everyone in the world has to be 100% Vegan or Plant Based all the time, I am just saying start to think of the bigger picture. You don’t need meat 3 meals a day! Your body believe me does not need that. Be more conservative on this and you will start to feel better on every level. For those that are leaning more into going Plant Based-what do you have to lose?-Besides some blood cholesterol points, sugar level points, and possibly some inches around your waist.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to try Plant Based or Vegan-at least cut down your meat consumption for your own health and to reduce the extreme animal cruelty that currently exists in this industry-every life matters! To promote your choice or intention, check out our fun Vegan and Plant Based t-shirts, water bottles, reusable shopping bags and other fun merch items. All of our designs are original and cruelty free. Our goal is to promote the plant based and planet awakening to help preserve all life and keep the earth clean. Peace. @Nudogen

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